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Westminster Weekly

Sunday's Pre-School children learn about
King Hezekiah and dressed to play the part!

Sunday, October 25

9:30 Worship Service
Special Music by Singing Boys of Sioux Falls
Pastor Val Putnam preaching

Monday, Oct. 26

5:00 -8:30 pm: Just for Kix

Tuesday, Oct. 27

6:00 pm: Finance Team Meting
7:00 pm: Session Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 28

5:30 - 7:30: Wednesday Church Alive for Nursery - 8th

Thursday, Oct. 29

Noon: Bible Study - Book of Acts
5:00 - 8:30 - Just for Kix
6:00 pm: Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, Nov. 1

9:30 am: Worship Service and Children's Church
Pastor Val Preaching

Fall Festival following service on 11/1
Brunch provided
Activities for the kids!

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